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Over all my years of guiding big game hunters the one thing that stands out the most is that 95% of all the hunters I talk to don't have a place to shoot more than 200 yards. So here it is , I finally built a fun and intuitive range for hunters to prepare them for that one opportunity . Reasons someone would come out and use my services other than this is 110% shooting fun , is that now you will know if your gun and yourself has the ability to make a mid to long range shot . If you are proficient in these mid to long ranges, I estimate that your success rate for your next big game hunt would increase by 40-50%. 

Shooting course to prepare for your next big game adventure

Safe and fun range with targets 100 yds to 800 yds


Targets are ar500 steel gongs, life size animal targets with steel gong vital area's and realistic life size photo targets of animals. Test your equipment and shooting skills out to 800 yds.

Gun set up and service


I can put together a whole complete rifle for you or add some modifications to your current rifle.

Reloading service to try and produce the most accurate loads for your rifle.


I will try to work up loads that will produce 1 inch groups or less at 100 yds.

700 yds shot with 300 rum

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Located 30 Minutes NE of Standish MI - 2.5 hrs. North of Detroit - 3 hrs. NE of Grand Rapids

Sportsmens Advantage Course

217 delano rd, Au Gres, MI 48703, US

(586) 243-7879